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As we have a name & a face by which we are recognised, our business too has a name & a face, we register the business as a company or any other form which is suitable to us, but how about its face?

You must have a face or a “mark” under which you run your business proudly. But have you ever thought that anybody could use the mark until you register and keep it reserved for your business. Surely, you would not want that!

The “mark” for your business or trade is simply known as your “trademark”. It could be in a form of a visual symbol, like a word, symbol, logo, brand name, tagline or a combination of these.

One can apply trademark in various classes, one can apply in any of the applicable classes

Thus we have several packages for you, once settled, you can always choose a package from down here or if your requirement does not suit our package, like if you require to apply trademark registration in more than one class, you can directly contact us & we will make a customized package for you

Trademark application



Trademark application in one class


Price: 7000

Trademark application



Trademark application in one class

Handling raised dispute

Price: 10000

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How to register trademark for your brand in India?

How to reserve the trademark?

To reserve the trademark, one needs to apply for the reservation through the trademark application form i.e. TM 1, this can be done either manually or electronically.

What is the process & cost involved?

Step 1: Trademark availability search

Like we search for the availability of name before registering the name, we also need to search if the trademark you are trying to reserve resembles any existing trademark, doing so would prevent from any objection that might come otherwise.

Time & cost involved: It generally takes a day to the search in the trademark records registry, this can be done online or through the trademark office. There is generally no cost involved in this process if you are doing it on your own, however it is always better to get this done through a professional, who knows the process inside-out.

Step 2: Filing the TM-1 Application

After searching for the availability, one must apply for the reservation of trademark. This application can be made online at or offline application can be made at the offices of trademark registry.

The application broadly requires the information about

  • The chosen “Mark”
  • The trademark owner &
  • The goods & services for which trademark would be used

Time & cost involved: It costs Rs 4000 per application per class and generally take 1-2 days.

Step 3: Examination of the application by the registrar

After you have submitted the application, the office or the registrar of trademark will examine the uniqueness of the mark and he will either accept the application or will object it.

Normally an objection is made due to the following reasons:

  • The proposed trademark is similar or resembles an existing trademark
  • If it contains some obscene or unlawful content

On such finding, he raises an objection or in other words he would propose certain terms, amendments, limitations etc.

Step 4: Accepting/challenging the objection

Now if you find the objection reasonable, you could accept the objection and do the necessary modification or if you do not find it reasonable, you could object the same with the help of a lawyer.

Time & cost involved: Challenging an objection would require the services of a lawyer and time & cost would depend upon the nature of objection

Step 5: Publishing the trademark in the Trademarks Journal

The next step would be to publish the trademark in the Trademarks journal, this is done to give an opportunity to oppose the published trademark, anybody from public can raise an opposition against the trademark within 3-4 months from the publication.

Trademark certificate is issued

If no one from the public raises an objection against the published trademark within the stipulated timeframe, the application is finally accepted by the registrar and issues a certificate in this regard.

Now you could use the trademark next to your business or brand name freely!

This might look as a lengthy process but the trademark once accepted is valid for the next big 10 years! And you can always renew it at the end of that time.

Have any query regarding the trademark registration? Please feel free to comment on the thread, as you know, discussion solves most of the queries and problems

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