Applicability of TCS under GST & it’s impact on E-commerce

The deferred TCS provisions has now become applicable w.e.f. 01st October 2018 and we aim to discuss how is it going to impact the E-commerce sector, what would they need to do as E-commerce operator and seller registered on E-commerce platforms. TCS under GST refers to tax collected by the electronic commerce operator like Amazon, Flipkart etc. on supply of goods or services through its portal and the payment for that supply is collected by the electronic commerce operator. What are [...]

TDS under GST

Applicability of TDS under GST

Introduction You might be aware of the concept of TDS & TCS in the Income tax Act. Similar concepts were introduced in GST, though these were deferred to a later date. Recently, government has notified that the provisions relating to TDS under GST would become applicable w.e.f. 01st October 2018. So, the laws around these concepts become relevant & thus we aim to let taxpayers be acquaint with the applicable laws. TDS under GST TDS is one of the modes/methods to collect tax, [...]


Determination of Place of Supply of Goods under GST

Before we discuss about the provisions for determining place of supply of goods, we should be aware of the following terms: Goods: Goods means any kind of movable property other than money or securities, includes actionable claim (like insurance claim, pending litigations, lottery, betting and gambling), growing crops, grass and things which are attached to or which forms the part of land which are agreed to be severed before supply or under a contract of supply Supply: It means supply of [...]


Procedure to claim refund on export under GST

A proper refund mechanism is necessary for effective tax administration, as trade is facilitated via the release of blocked finances for modernization, expansion and working capital requirements of a business. Here we are discussing about the options available for exporters to claim the refund but for that we firstly need to understand the “Meaning & taxability of export of Goods & Services”. Meaning of Export of Goods & Services Export of Goods means taking goods from India to any place which [...]


Can we do multiple GST registration on a PAN card?

A taxable person supplying goods or services from different states is mandated to take different GST registration for each state (which would be based on a single PAN). Also, a person who has different verticals of business within the same state can choose to have different GSTIN for each vertical (and these would again be based on a single PAN) Important thing to note here is each GSTIN whether in different states or in the same state (for different verticals) would [...]


Debit note: How & when to issue under GST

What is a debit note? When a tax invoice has been issued for supply of any goods or services or both and the taxable value or tax charged in that tax invoice is found to be less than the taxable value or tax payable in respect of such supply, the registered person, who has supplied such goods or services or both, would issue a debit note to the recipient indicating the same. The issuance of debit note is a convenient and legal method by which the value of the [...]


Credit note: How & when to issue under GST

What is a Credit note? Where a tax invoice has been issued for supply of any goods or services  and the taxable value or tax charged in that tax invoice is found to exceed the taxable value or tax payable in respect of such supply, or where the goods supplied are returned by the recipient, or where goods or services or both supplied are found to be deficient, the registered person, who has supplied such goods or services may issue a credit note to the recipient indicating the same. The [...]


Treatment of Cash discounts & Trade discounts under GST

There has been a lot of confusion in treatment of discounts in invoice and questions with respect to which amount should be chargeable to GST. Though the law is pretty clear about it. GST treats all the discounts such as trade discounts, cash discounts, volume/turnover discounts, etc. Instead, the treatment varies with the timing of discount being given, so we classify the treatment of discounts under the following two categories: 1. Discount given before or at the time of supply, and 2. [...]

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