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Due date of filing form GSTR-3B for July 2017 has been extended to 28th August. Here’s all you need to know about GSTR 3B.

For months of July and August, the due dates for filing GSTR1 and GSTR2 has been deferred to aid convenience to the taxpayers. GSTR-3B It is a summary return which is to be filed for the month of July & Aug 2017. Its due date is 20th of next month i.e. 20th August & 20th September respectively for July & August. The due date to file GSTR-3B has been extended for July from 20th Aug 2017 to 28th Aug 2017 subject to [...]


GSTR 3B: GST Return Filing for July and August 2017

Under current GST regime a normal dealer has to file 3 returns per month and an annual return (making it total 37 returns in a year). However, one should know that out of three returns which are prescribed, only one return has to be filed by the retailer. The remaining two returns are auto-generated by the computer which is only a facility given to them to see so that if there is any mistake they can correct it out. [...]


How to file your monthly GST Returns

Under GST, a regular taxpayer needs to furnish 3 monthly returns, out of which 2 would be system generated returns & taxpayer would need to verify, modify , confirm & submit these so as to complete the return filing process. Get help with filing GST return at convenient prices Return no. 1: Form GSTR-1: For Every month by 10th of next month. This return signifies the tax liability of the supplier for the supplies effected during the previous month. With Form GSTR-1, one would report [...]

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