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Applicability of TCS under GST & it’s impact on E-commerce

The deferred TCS provisions has now become applicable w.e.f. 01st October 2018 and we aim to discuss how is it going to impact the E-commerce sector, what would they need to do as E-commerce operator and seller registered on E-commerce platforms. TCS under GST refers to tax collected by the electronic commerce operator like Amazon, Flipkart etc. on supply of goods or services through its portal and the payment for that supply is collected by the electronic commerce operator. What are [...]

TDS under GST

Applicability of TDS under GST

Introduction You might be aware of the concept of TDS & TCS in the Income tax Act. Similar concepts were introduced in GST, though these were deferred to a later date. Recently, government has notified that the provisions relating to TDS under GST would become applicable w.e.f. 01st October 2018. So, the laws around these concepts become relevant & thus we aim to let taxpayers be acquaint with the applicable laws. TDS under GST TDS is one of the modes/methods to collect tax, [...]

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