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Whether Business dealing in exempt or non-taxable goods liable for GST registration?

Whether such business is required to take the GST registration? In general, the businesses with annual turnover up to Rs.20 lakhs are not required to take the GST registration. However, there are some specific cases, where a person is required to take GST registration even if the turnover is below Rs.20 lakhs. More about this could be read at With this write-up, we aim at enlightening the situations where a business dealing in non-taxable goods is exempt from GST registration [...]


E-way Bill FAQs

Here’s a categorized section of various FAQs relating to E-way bill, which got implemented on 1st April 2018 for interstate movement of goods and would further apply to intrastate movement in a phased manner. GeneralWho all can generate the e-way bill?The consignor or consignee, as a registered person or a transporter of the goods can generate the e-way bill. The unregistered transporter can enroll on the common portal and generate the e-way bill for movement of goods for his clients. Any person can [...]

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